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The UKA Dog Gear Split Pairs Final 2010
For a full report on the final please click here

The LAPS Knockout Finals 2010
For a full report on the final please click here

The CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix Finals 2010
For a full report on the final please click here

The UK Agility National Finals 2010
For a full report on the final please click here

Tug -E - Nuff Performance Challenge Final 2010
For a full report on the final please click here
For finalist pictures please click here

Masters Series
The fifth Masters was held on Wednesday of the UKA week show. To see the results and courses click here
The 2010 Masters Final was held on Friday of the UKA week show. To see the results and courses click here

Masters Series
The fourth Masters was held at LAPS show. To see the results and courses click here
The third Masters was held at QuadPaws week show. To see the results click here

Derbyshire Agility Centre Games Challenge Report 2010
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GT May Masters Series
The second Masters was held at the GT May show. To see the results and courses - click here

Masters Series
The first Masters was held at the Waverunners show. To see the results and courses - click here

Lakeland Winter Series Tournament
The winner of the Lakeland Winter Series tournament - click here

The CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix Heat 1
For information on who qualified and the course please click here

IFCS World Team 2010
UK Agility announces the team to represent UK at the 2010 world cup. Click here for full details
For more information on the World cup please visit www.wac2010.com

Charity Shows update
UK Agility is pleased to announce from recent UKA charity shows the following has been raised.

£1633 to Cancer Research UK in memory of Joy Richardson (Teejay and UKA Charity show)
£1200 Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter (Top Barn Charity show)

Thank you to everyone for your support at these 3 shows

October UKA Newsletter
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Sew What Split Pairs Final 2009
Click here for full report.

The UK Agility National Final 2009
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The Trophy Petfoods Team Steeplechase Final 2009
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19/7/2009 - Press Release
The Royal Canin UK Agility Grand Prix Final 2009
Click here to read full report
For pictures and a course plan, please click here

22/6/2009 - Press Release
North West Winter Series announced. Click here to read full release

9/6/2009 - Press Release
UK selected to hold 2010 World Agility Championships. Click here to read full release

6/5/09 - UKA Judging Seminars, Friday 7th August in Cornwall
For full details of this judging seminar run by Kim Hunt please click here

Derbyshire Agility Centre Games Challenge Final 2009
For more details on the above final including a list of qualifiers please click here

27/1/09 - Sassy Dogs 2008 Novice Final Report
For full report of the Sassy Dogs 08 final please click here

Recent event reports
Reports are now available for the following events - click to download:

UK Agility is pleased to announce that from the UKA charity show in August, the Frog Racing night at UKA Staverton and the Snakes and Ladders game at the week show we have been able to donate £2801 to the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. Below is a letter received from the foundation.

Soi Dog Foundation would like to thank everybody who contributed to the UK Agility charity event.
The foundation which is a legally registered charity in Thailand, is run by UK ex pats John and Gill Dalley.
(Recently named an Asian of the Year. The first non Asian to receive this honour; see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s225UClTFhY for Singapore made TV documentary).

Together with other supporters the foundation is run entirely at our own expense, but we need to raise approximately 500,000 Thai Baht per month (approximately 8,000 UK pounds), to cover the overheads which includes employing 12 local staff including vets and nurses and other workers, purchasing over 3 tons of pet food each month, as well as all the drugs and land rent for the shelter etc..

It is only with the help of supporters like yourselves that we can continue to help the unwanted stray dogs in this region of Thailand. The money raised by your event will go directly to helping our sterilization programme, which in September saw animal number 20,000 sterilized. It will also help with our treatment programme, which sees dogs brought in almost daily suffering from cruelty and neglect. Last month with the cooperation of The Worldwide Veterinary Service we had 3 UK vets operating on Koh Lanta where there are no vets, and population control has previously been throwing unwanted dogs with weights attached into the sea. Other UK vets are currently helping us on Phi Phi Island where there is a similar problem with cats, and we now hold regular clinics in Kao Lak where previously there was massive poisoning.

Through your assistance we are able to educate and change the attitude of local people here, and hopefully seriously reduce the suffering of the region’s animals.

John Dalley.

The Trophy Petfoods Team Steeplechase Final was held at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge on Saturday August 16th after all the rings were finished and luckily for judge Shaun Hunt and all the competitors it had stopped raining.

This is the first year that a Team Steeplechase has been run with 5 heats held throughout the country with the last one being at the UKA Cornwall show prior to the final. The top two teams from each heat qualified for the final.

Each team is made up of 3 dogs which can all be the same height or 2 the same plus one of a different height. The course is split into 2 sections A & B, which may intertwine and must be run in the order ABA so that every team will cover the same distance and there is a baton change between each dog. It was interesting to see that out of the 10 teams which qualified there were 7 different height combinations.

The first team to run were Confused.com who unfortunately had one of their dogs eliminated. The second team Play Your Cards Right which was the only one made up of 2 midi dogs and one toy dog went clear in 75.96 seconds and this set the standard for the bigger dogs.

Another 3 teams all had eliminations and one had 10 faults. Hazel’s Hopefuls & A Gem of A Team both had 5 faults so it was all down to Paul & The Girls with 2 standard dogs and a toy dog who went clear but in a slower time of 86.15 secs. The next team on the line was the very competitive Donyatt Dogs who really went for it and completed the course in a blistering 70.72 secs but unfortunately had a dropped pole for 5 faults which put them into 3rd place.

Bob & Cyd Griffin of UKA Cornwall would like to congratulate the winners and thank the final’s judge Shaun Hunt for setting an excellent course and especially thank Trophy Petfoods who sponsored the whole event and gave engraved glass decanters to the 1st and 2nd placed teams, rosettes to 5th place plus finalist rosettes.

Results of the Trophy Petfoods Team Steeplechase Final
1st - Play Your Cards Right Jane Tatam & Jaggers
Angela Williams - Ten
Rosemary Anson & Jack
2nd - Paul & The Girls Judy Wills & Tilly
Joan Teague & Nell
3rd - Donyatt Dogs Linda Roberts & Bo
Angela Williams & Pi
Andy Sandercock & Kyp
4th - A Gem Of A Team Marilyn Needs & Gem
Iris Richards & Ellie
Julie Prettejohn & Cleo
5th - Hazel’s Hopefuls Lauren Jeffery & Amber Rachel Draper & Konnor Lisa Jeffery & Misty

Pictures: Winners  Runners Up

On Saturday night the Final of the UK Agility Nationals 2008 was held.
The top 5 in each height were as follows

Mark LakerKodi026.971st
Andy SandercockFree027.142nd
Gemma MilesFocas027.733rd
Karen LakerFlint028.414th
Kim WattsKiz028.815th

Dawn WeaverMinky026.631st
Dawn WeaverBreezer027.242nd
Shaun HuntOakley030.283rd
Wendy ClayTishi032.094th
Jill SimsMillie035.325th

Angela WilliamsTen029.351st
Juliet DearberghWoody033.112nd
Tina CooteSprite035.013rd
Jane TatamBuzz0364th
Kathryn WhalleyJerry036.755th

Wendy ClayScout026.951st
David AldersonLibby030.372nd
Amy LawsonFudge031.773rd
Sandra WellsToffi034.384th
Bex SurpliceSwift036.395th

UK Agility would like to express their thanks to the 5 sponsors of the nationals:
CSJ, First Contact, Taryntimers, Field of Dream’s Agility Training & Norton Rosettes.

A full report will follow shortly.

From the line up for this year’s Royal Canin final, it promised to be an exciting event. One of the attractions of the Royal Canin final is its open to all levels and heights of dogs and therefore attracts many top agility dogs and handlers. Shaun Hunt, our judge, set out a course pitched at just the right level considering dogs had qualified from Beginners through to Championship standard. It was the type of course where handlers needed to work every part of it, but perfectly achievable.
Now, those of you who are always busy (me) or lazy readers (me too) who rarely read all those lengthy show reports, I thought I’d get straight to the point with some of the highlights of the event. For those of you who enjoy reading, the full report follows the highlights.

Royal Canin Final Highlights
The four winners:
Maxi - Laura Derrett & Fish, fantastic perfectly handled run 26.67
Standard - Angela Williams & Pi, fastest dog on the Royal Canin course tonight 26.19
Midi – Lisa Lesigne & Chi, the only midi dog clear in less than 30 seconds (28.11)
Toy – David Alderson & Libby, extraordinary run 29.66

Other Highlights
David Alderson & Spice trying to catch the time set by Laura & Fish. A slightly wide turn between obstacle 12 /13 let him down. From the Standard group, watching the look of shock on Lucie Hinchley’s face as the wing jump 13 appeared right in her line after her front cross. She wheeled backwards taking the wing with her. Luckily she was fine; I think she found the amusing side of her unfortunate tumble. The Midi and Toy group were great fun to watch. Such a wide variety of breeds and all levels of agility represented. Many fell foul of the weaves which was positioned with a tunnel inviting them in afterwards. This is where the experienced dogs had an advantage.

Full Report
In true final style was the ‘white dog’ TeeJay handled by Sue Wood. Sue showed them the way to go with a nicely handled clear round. The draw resulted in Maxi dogs going first followed by Standard, Midi and Toy.

Maxi - First dog and handler of the evening was Bob Sharpe & Meg, no sign of nerves here as they set the pace; a clear round in 27.41. Next up was Gemma Hanekom & Boo. Now I know there are rules about double handling, but carrying an unborn baby, Gemma should have been given a head start! Starting at number three would have helped, because that’s where she picked up a very unfortunate elimination. However, Gemma carried on and completed the course very bravely.

With the pressure on, nerves were getting the better of some handlers now especially at the weaving poles. With the tunnel just after, it was too much temptation for some and popped out before completing them.

Laura Derrett & Fish running 16th looked like they were on-form, although Laura was a bit fidgety on the start line nerves or adjusting underwear (perhaps it’s a Derrett start line routine!) If it was nerves she was soon to be putting in an Adrenaline fuelled performance. Fish was on top form, incredible power, tight turns every where and superb handling. Clear round in 26.67 the 1st round below 27 seconds we’d seen tonight.
Following Laura was Dave Alderson. There was a bit of a delay on the start line while Renee (commentary) explained to the crowd about Dave’s part-time male model side line, but it didn’t fluster him at all, Dave, as cool as an Easter show, put in the sort of performance we are used to seeing with Spice. Unfortunately Spice wasn’t quite as tight as Fish negotiating 12 / 13 and just came in behind him at 27.28 still good enough to take second place in the Maxi dog’s height.

The great thing about this Royal Canin event is its open to all. In the maxi dog final we had Labs, xbreeds, and even Stuart Carter with Storm who still manages to put the performance in when it matters finishing in 5th place.

Special well dones must go to the beginners in the maxi dog height who put in some great runs up against tough opponents.

Standard - These were going to be fun to watch, a great mixture of breeds and well known handlers. Tace Allen and her Kelpie Oakley set the benchmark, producing a clear round in 32.18. It was going to take another seven dogs before we saw the next clear round with a time to match or better Oakley’s. It was Wendy Clay and Tishi who put in a very good performance (30.98) with tight turns which was definitely needed on this course.

Angela Williams and her Kelpie Pi (Pi really is a Kelpie) put in a stunning performance flying over the finish line in 26.19 even quicker than Fish. Again, time made up by Pi’s sheer power, drive and turning ability . . . oh and Angela’s handling of course. Pi was the fastest dog on Shaun’s course tonight and a well deserved winner of the standard class.

Some good handling and determination was seen on the course with other exceptional runs by Morag Harris finishing 2nd with Murran who also did a lovely run, and Sue Choux and Sassy 3rd with another very enjoyable run to watch.

Midi- Karen Bugler and Ace were first up coming over the finish line with a clear run in 32.97 which was going to prove a challenging time to better. Bob Griffin’s Kromfohrländer, Kala caught my eye, a really happy little dog really enjoying the run; so did Bob, clear in 35.94 which was going to put him in third place. Last to run was Lisa Lesigne with her Sheltie Chi, this was the one to watch. They produced an excellent run demonstrating very good handling; clear in 28.11 taking 1st place.

Toy dogs - Last to run in the Royal Canin final a great selection of breeds to watch. Amazingly out of the first eight dogs only two had clear rounds, but they were two good ones. I especially enjoyed watching Ray Burke and Kez go round, such a happy little dog clear in 37.52. Unfortunately he was not quite quick enough to make the final placings. Elizabeth Saggers and her Poodle Florence, running order 11, was the first pair to go clear in under 33 seconds. This run was going to put her in 3rd place.

Shaun’s course was definitely proving more testing for these Toy dogs, by the time Paul Isaac entered the ring with his JRx Scooby at 15 we had only seen 6 clears. Paul (junior handler) and Scooby did a superb clear run in 35.31 which wasn’t quick enough for the final line-up but still a run to be proud of.

The last five would determine the final results. David Alderson was back in the ring this time with Libby who needs no introduction. This pair is always exciting to watch Libby’s speed is amazing and how David manages to control a little dog going at such a pace is fun to watch. They didn’t put a foot wrong over the course. Every turn was tight and accurate, the contacts fast and solid and unlike many dogs tonight managed to complete the weaves quickly and accurately. They finished clear in 29.66 going in to first place. The final dog to run was Tia a Sheltie handled by Marilyn Adams. They knew they had to fly to beat Libby and they had a really good go at achieving that. This pair put in a really good performance finishing in 31.84 taking them into second place.

Toy Division
David Anderson Libby C 29.96 1st
Marilyn Adams Tia C 31.84 2nd
Elizabeth Saggers Florence C 32.72 3rd
Rosemary Anson Jack C 33.62 4th
Sophie Waymouth Millie C 35.00 5th

Midi Division
Lisa Le-Signe Chi C 28.11 1st
Karen Bugler Ace C 32.97 2nd
Bob Griffin Kala C 35.94 3rd
Carol Donnelly Monty C 36.04 4th
Rebecca Preston Minnie C 36.15 5th

Standard Division
Angela Williams Pi C 26.19 1st
Morag Harris Murran C 27.74 2nd
Sue Choux Sassy C 27.85 3rd
Helen Perryman Molly C 30.84 4th
Wendy Clay Tishi C 30.98 5th

Maxi Division
Laura Derrett Fish C 26.67 1st
Dave Alderson Spice C 27.28 2nd
Chris Cole Cap C 27.34 3rd
Bob Sharpe Meg C 27.41 4th
Stuart Carter Storm C 27.92 5th

Thank you to Royal Canin for their sponsorship of the UK Agility Grand Prix 2008. For more information on Royal Canin Dog Food please visit their web page www.royalcanin.co.uk

UKA would also like to thank everyone that helped at the show and at the final for making the event such a success.

19/12/05 - Press Release


UK Agility is offering a 50% reduction on all online registrations over the Xmas period.  Register with UKA between 24th December through 1st January for just £5 a registration.  That’s £1 a year for handlers and £5 for life for your dog.  All handlers will receive a free copy of the UK Agility rule book and all dogs will get a free record book and free measuring.

This offer is not available in conjunction with the “Try Before You Buy offer”.  Payment for the Christmas giveaway must be received before 6th January.


UK Agility is now offering free registration until you have competed at your first UKA show.  Register and enter a show in the normal way but only send payment for the show entry.  (Please put a note in with your cheque stating you want to “Try Before You Buy”)  Once you have run at the show and you decide you like UKA and want to compete more, then you pay for your registration. 

Payment must be received within 7 days of the show or your account will be frozen and then deleted.


UK Agility Jump Heights

The long term future of UK Agility’s jump heights will be decided by the members of UK Agility in a vote at the start of 2006.

From February we will be putting the vote out to all UKA members to decide our long term jump heights.

We would like any further suggestions to be submitted to UK Agility, for consideration, by January 20th so they can be included in the vote.

At present we will be offering 2 choices

Dogs height

Jump height

35cm (13 ¾”) and below

30cm  (12”)

43cm (17”) and below

38cm  (15”)

43cm (17”) and above

61cm  (24”)

43cm (17”) and above

76cm  (30”)

         (Current UKA jump heights with KC splits)

Dogs height

Jump height

30cm (12”) and below

30cm  (12”)

40cm (16”) and below

40cm  (16”)

50cm (20”) and below

55cm  (22”)

Over 50cm (20”)

65cm  (26”)


If a 3rd viable option is presented to us we will also include this into the voting form.

Voting forms will be emailed to all UKA members registered email addresses.  All show running orders will be sent out with a voting form for all shows from February-May.

SAE’s can also be sent to UK Agility, Langdale, Church St, Offenham, Worcs, WR11 8RW requesting a voting form.

24/07/05 - New Show Open for online entry
24th & 25th September 2005 Scrambles

17/07/05 - New Show Open for online entry
18th September (Cots. RDA) Cheltenham

01/07/05 - Added show results
We are now pleased to announce that all but one show's results are entered into your account pages. This show will be added in the next few days with the League tables following shortly thereafter. We would like to thank you for your patience and now that this part of the system is fully functional we hope for much faster processing to the online results.

If you have any queries regarding your results please email enquiries@ukagility.com or phone 01386 424218

06/06/05 - UK Agility would like to announce 3 new shows!
A-Team November 12th 2005 at UK Arena, Grantham.

A-Team February 2006 at UK Arena, Grantham. (Exact date to be confirmed)

GT Agility May 13th & 14th 2006 at Lough Farm, Brisco, Carlisle.

All heights and all levels will be catered for. All registrations received with an entry for the November and May show will be priced at £7.50 for paper and £5 online.

02/06/05 - Forums Are Back!
The forum is back online and working. Please click on the forum link on the left hand menu. The technical problems resulting from our move have fianlly been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

31/05/05 - New Show Announced and Open for online entry
2nd - 7th August UKA Week show at Malvern. UK Agility National Championship 2005 Finals.

19/05/05 - Agility Training for Trainers Course
Next Course will be running on September 16th, 17th and 18th. Limited places available.

May 13th plus Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th FULL

For more information contact Kim or Shaun Hunt on the telephone number or e-mail below:
01773 827643, Kim Hunt (kimhunt_207@hotmail.com)

03/05/05 - New Show Announced and Open for online entry
9th - 10th July, GT Agility at Newbury Show Grounds.

26/04/05 - Agility Training for Trainers Course
Hurry! Just two places left on the Agility Training for Trainers Course commencing Friday Evening May 13th plus Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th

If you or anyone at your Dog Club are interested in learning how to become an Agility Trainer in a safe, friendly and knowledgeable environment, the Derbyshire Agility Centre are offering a course which includes instruction on:
  Agility Rules and Regulations
  Setting up and running Pre-Agility Classes
  How to run an Agility Beginner course for all ages of dogs
  Includes both Theory and Practical Sessions

For more information contact Kim or Shaun Hunt on the telephone number or e-mail below:
01773 827643, Kim Hunt (kimhunt_207@hotmail.com)

05/04/05 - New Judging Seminars
Due to renewed interest in UK Agility judging seminars, 2 more dates have been announced. The next two courses are due to run on Friday 1st July and Saturday 2nd July. It is a full day of training including theory and practical sessions. The courses are held at Kim and Shaun Hunts training venue in Derbyshire. The course fee is £45 and includes all course material and refreshments throughout the day.

UK Agility are very committed to encourage people at all levels to learn how to Judge safely and knowledgeably. For further information please contact Kim Hunt (kimhunt_207@hotmail.com)

UK Agility are also compiling a list of all judges who are interested in judging at UK Agility shows. To be placed on the list please contact Greg (greg@ukagility.com)

30/03/05 - World Cup News
The Official UK Agility IFCS World Cup entry form can now be downloaded from the World Team page.

24/03/05 - View your Results Online!
As of today you can view your results online! Just log in and click on the 'My Results' Link under the 'My Dogs' menu heading.

We have more results being added every day, so if you don't see your results yet, be patient they will all be there soon. For example, the Week Show results are not yet in the system, they will be there soon. Thank you for your patience.

21/03/05 - As of today’s date Jim Gregson is no longer a director of UK Agility Ltd. For future contact regarding any aspect of UK Agility please use the following contact details.

UK Agility
Church Street
WR11 8RW

01386 424218

enquiries@ukagility.com    greg@ukagility.com    laura@ukagility.com

The two remaining directors, Laura and Greg Derrett, would like to assure all UK Agility members that this does not affect the management of UK Agility or the goals the company has set out to achieve.

16/03/05 - New Show
SassyDogs and DizzyDogz - Dorset show information is now available. Online entry available - 21/03/05.

21/02/05 - UK Agility Press Release - Fife
UK Agility is sorry to announce the cancellation of the Fife show scheduled for 16th & 17th April. The show manager stated that there was a major problem with the venue and that the show could not be held there. An alternative venue was searched for but unfortunately with no luck.

UK Agility realises the lack of shows in the North of the UK. If anyone is interested in information on holding a show in this area, or any area, please contact Greg or Laura at 01386 424218 or laura@ukagility.com & greg@ukagility.com .

We apologise for the inconvenience and we hope to provide other UK Agility shows for the North in the future.

UK Agility

28/01/05 - New Show Announced
4th/5th June 2005, SassyDogs & DizzyDogz, Dorset UK Agility Show at Turnpike Show Ground between Gillingham and Shaftesbury.

Look for the schedule to be available the first week of March.

28/01/05 - New Judging Seminar Announced
Kim and Shaun Hunt from Derbyshire Agility Centre will be running another UKA judging seminar on 4th and 5th March 2005.

For further details please contact Kim Hunt or Shaun Hunt on 01773 827643/07871575328 or e-mail kimhunt_207@hotmail.com (don’t forget the underscore before 207).

16/01/05 - UK Agility has a new home
Finally UK Agility has moved to it's new home. There still may be periods of downtime and we'll keep you posted as we know more, but for the most part we're back up and running. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

16/01/05 - New Show
Scrambles April show information is now available. Online entry available - 17/01/05.

18/01/05 - New Show
C-Side April show information is now available. Online entry available - 18/01/05.

18/01/05 - New Show
GT April/May show information is now available. Online entry available - 18/01/05.

25/11/04 - UK Agility National Finals 2005
The UK Agility National Finals will take place at the UK Agility Week Show from 2nd – 7th August held at the Three Counties Show Ground in Malvern.

Any dog that gains a clear round in ANY agility class at ANY UK Agility Show from 1st January to 11th July 2005 will be eligible to enter Round 1 at the UK Agility Week Show. (The dog must be handled by the same handler.)

The top 50% of dogs in Round 1 will progress onto Round 2 with the top 15 dogs from Round 2 progressing to the Finals. All three rounds will be an agility run with a separate competition for the four jump heights.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate this year’s winners: 12” winner – Dawn Weaver, 15” winner – Sharon Lear, 24” winner – Judy Wills, and 30” winner – Bridget Fletcher. We hope they all enjoy their prize of a night stay in the Hilton Hotel and tickets to the Christmas Olympia Horse Show.

25/11/04 - UK Agility Christmas Giveaway
If you still have not registered with UK Agility, take advantage of the reduced registration fees throughout the Christmas period.

Between 24th December through 2nd January, all online registration fees will have a further 25% decrease, bringing the price down to £5.00 per handler, dog, and affix registrations.

All postal registrations postmarked between 24th December through 2nd January will also receive a 25% deduction off the normal £10 fee, dropping the price to £7.50 per handler, dog and affix registrations.

To receive a registration form please call the southern office, 01386 424218 or write to UK Agility, Langdale, Church Street, Offenham, Evesham, Worcs. WR11 8RW.

On behalf of UK Agility, we would like to wish all agility competitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

02/11/04 - Are proud to announce that in conjunction with LISBURN DTC, we are promoting and arranging the DOG AGILITY competition as part of the fabulous “BELFAST INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW” 2004.

To be held from Thursday 2nd till Sunday 5th December At Belfast’s amazing millennium project the “ODYSSEY ARENA”.

With the Worlds Top International Show Jumpers will also be Aerial display, Singers, The Flying Frenchmen, Wild West Stunt riders, Dog Agility plus lots more.

A Magical Christmas Show for all your family.

This is backed by major sponsorship including television with BBC Sport, RTE & Satellite channels.

For further details, tickets etc online www.belfasthorseshow.com or e-mail jim@UKAgility.com.

Have a look see on the 360 degree button on there site.

GT Agility will be running a Beginners and Novice show for all heights on January 2nd 2005 at Cheltenham.

There will also be a Nursery and casual class available.

Download the Schedule: GT January Schedule
Download the Entry Form: Entries Closed

16/07/04 - Press release from UK Agility
Effective from 1st August 2004

All placement points gained from classes with 10 or less dogs in the class will be as follows:
1st Place 6 points
2nd Place 4 points
3rd Place 3 points
4th Place 2 points
Clear round 2 points

UK Agility would also like to remind all competitors that placement points are only awarded if the place was gained with a clear round within the standard course time, thus giving you a qualifying round.

25/11/04 - UK Agility – new opportunities and challenges
On 1st May 2004 UK Agility will be launched to the British agility community. UK Agility is the new competition format providing the opportunity for success to all who compete under this innovative system.

UK Agility Shows will be hosted by clubs, individuals or private training centres with the backing and support of an experienced team offering a complete show management service.

This fresh concept has been researched and developed by the UK Agility management team, Greg Derrett, Jim Gregson and Laura Manchester, who between them have over 30 years experience in training, judging and competing in Agility both in the UK and overseas. During this time they have observed dramatic changes and developments in the sport. They have listened to the views of competitors from all levels of agility and experienced how this sport is run in many other countries. This unique combination of knowledge, hands on experience and success has allowed them to create an unsurpassed system; they have created a system which those devoted to agility have wished for. UK Agility’s aim is to develop and promote the growth of agility with the emphasis on safety and fun for every dog and handler.

By redefining the existing boundaries UK Agility offers two Programmes in which to progress to achieve Championship titles: The Performance Programme and The Steeplechase Programme. Competitors may work in both Programmes. Using a point based formula all dogs and handlers who perform well are rewarded in line with their achievement.

Do you have a dog who regularly goes clear but just can’t match the speed of the other dogs? With UK Agility your foot sure and accurate dog would be rewarded for their talents. By collecting points for every clear round not only will you progress through the levels but you will be able to achieve Championship titles.

For those who wish to be seen as the ‘best of the best’, win-based Championship titles are also obtainable.

With UK Agility all dogs are offered the opportunity to become a Champion.

UK Agility offers 4 different jump heights within each class, enabling all sizes to be catered for equally.

With results recorded, not only will you be able to keep track of your progress but National league tables will be accessible online.

National Finals will be run by UK Agility, with all levels being able to participate in the event. These finals will run regardless of a sponsor’s support.

Keen to host a show? To find out more and become part of the future of agility log on to www.UKAgility.com

Register your dog now and compete at the first official UK Agility show being held on 10th & 11th July 2004, Newbury Showground.

For those who do not have access to the web, look out for UK Agility officials at forthcoming shows, they will be more than happy to explain the programmes and issue you a registration form. All clubs will be shortly sent information packs, so ask your club secretary.

Available for UK Agility’s opening year, dogs who register with UK Agility which are currently competing under other organisations will automatically transfer over to the UK Agility equivalent class.

All dogs and handlers who register during May 2004 will receive a 50% discount. Registered owners/handlers will receive a copy of the UK Agility Rule book and a free record book for each dog they register.

UK Agility - Run by dedicated agility personnel for handlers and dogs of all levels.

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