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Please use the following address for all UKA correspondence, (including new registration payments): Corbiere, Longdon Hill, Wickhamford, Evesham Worcs, WR11 7RP.

2018 Grand Finals Heats
The 2018 Heat Rules, Dates and venues have been released. For more information please click UKA Heats in the left hand margin.
Please click here for a quick glance at where all heats are in 2018.

2017 Grand Finals
The provisional running orders for the first class in each event at the 2017 Grand Finals have been released. Please click here to be taken to the Grand Finals page

2018 UK Agility Rules and Regulations
The 2018 Rule and Regulations have been released.
Please click here for a full copy of the rule book.
Please click here for a full copy with changes highlighted in red text.

Please click here to see a summary of the changes from the 2017 to 2018 UKA rule book.

Some highlights of these changes include: - The tyre must be a Breakaway design but will NOT be faulted if broken in the course of jumping it, in 2018.
- Dog walk height lowered
- Minimum number of pipe tunnel holders has been included
- All NFC runs to be 45 seconds.
- Toys can be carried to the start line
- Vaping is no longer allowed within 5 metre of ring entrance or exit
- Update to "course design and difficulties" to help judges set appropriate courses for the level.

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